Corporate, State & Local Tax

Our tax specialists guide businesses every step of the way - from a company's start-up to its sale - offering income tax planning and compliance services, including succession and estate planning.  We advise a broad range of domestic and international businesses and our experienced partners and managers work with clients to implement tax-efficient strategies that benefit both the company and its owners. LGA also advises its clients on a variety of strategic tax matters, such as the structuring of transactions, exploring federal and state tax credit opportunities and various state income tax nexus related considerations.

As states strive for income generation and more revenue, established laws and regulations regarding nexus and conducting business in particular states have undergone specific changes and continue to do so. LGA can help your company focus on how your operations impact what states you are technically "doing business in" and thus affect the states in which you are taxable. LGA is ready to help with planning and compliance in multi-state operations with guidance in income, sales, and payroll taxes.

We also represent our clients before the IRS and other federal and state agencies to work to achieve the most favorable outcome.