Business Consulting & Valuation Services

Business Consulting

For over 35 years, LGA consistently strives to de-commoditize the CPA profession by injecting value into every service that we offer, whether the primary service offering is a financial statement or tax engagement. Through those years, we have developed a strong and seasoned group of advisors who consult with clients on a variety of matters, including budgeting and forecasting, obtaining debt financing, performing due diligence related to mergers and acquisitions, start-up assistance and profit improvement analysis, just to name a few. Every consulting engagement is tailored to the unique and specific needs of each client, as is the service team, to ensure that we deliver the maximum value and result to you and your organization.

Business Valuation Services

LGA prepares and delivers business valuations for a variety of purposes, including litigation matters, mergers and acquisitions, estate and gift tax planning, corporate financial planning, financial reporting, and tax compliance. We also perform calculations or scaled back versions of business valuations to help individuals, businesses, and other entities understand the value of an asset and maximize its value in contemplation of a transaction or event. LGA performs business valuations for operating businesses, early-stage companies, equity and other related instruments, intangible assets and more. Valuations performed in connection with litigation often relate to issues arising out of shareholder disputes, matrimonial matters, corporate disputes, etc. So whether a valuation is required to satisfy of one of these purposes, or is simply related to financial reporting or tax compliance requirements, LGA’s valuation team will work with you to achieve the most accurate result in a timely manner.