LGA sponsors Vistage Executive Summit

This week LGA sponsored the 2018 Vistage Executive Summit held in Newton, Massachusetts.  Vistage is an executive coaching organization, and this conference attracted hundreds of members of the C-suite from all around New England.

John Geraci is a Vistage member.  Our sponsorship representatives included Janine Danielson and Shawn Christman representing Outsourced Accounting Services, and Frank Storniolo and Michael Abramowitz representing Business Consulting and Valuation Services.

In preparation for this event, LGA's leaders fresh educational content including:


9 Reasons Your Business or Family May Need a Valuation

4 Questions to Ask When You Need A Business Valuation

How Financial Statements Can Be Used to Value Private Businesses

7 Steps to Choosing a Successor for Your Family Business


10 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Bookkeeping and Accounting Functions

4 Questions to Ask About Outsourcing Your Account

Use Benchmarking to Swim With The Big Fish

Unlock Hidden Cash From Your Balance Sheet


We enjoyed our conversation with business leaders from a variety of industries and look forward to participating in the conference again next year!

LGA at Vistage

Frank Storniolo and Michael Abramowitz