Real Estate, Construction & Home Owner Associations

Real Estate Development & Construction:

Real estate development and construction are two industries that seem to be constantly in flux.  LGA has a dedicated team of senior-level professionals with their fingers on the pulse of today's real estate market, combined with a deep understanding of the regulations and tax laws that govern these industries. Assisting real estate companies and builders overcome challenges and increase profitability is what we do, often through the implementation of appropriate accounting systems and processes, such as percentage of completion and cash flow management. LGA accounting experts are prepared to advise you on tax efficiency, restructuring, surety/bonding issues, financial reporting, and deal structuring.

Home Owner Associations:

LGA also assists developers, property managers and subsequent Home Owner Association boards (HOA’s) meet financial reporting and tax compliance requirements. Whether it’s a compilation, review or audit, LGA approaches these engagements with a focus and expertise that drives value in an often commoditized area. LGA also provides back office solutions to HOA’s who seek to outsource the day to day accounting functions, collaborating with the audit and attest team to ensure that the maintenance of the books and records leads to a seamless financial reporting and tax compliance process.